Apply by February 15 to the „Public Economics 1“ seminar in Summer Semester 2023

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Master students who would like to participate in the Public Economics 1 seminar during the Summer Semester 2023 should express their interest by submitting their Participation Form SS 2023 via email to by February 15, 2023.

During the seminar, participants will discuss a broad range of topics. A first set of topics addresses questions related to Public Economics (Chair of Prof. Büttner). A second set relates to Behavioral Public Economics and Political Economy (Chair of Prof. Necker). The third set relates to Public Economics and Spatial Economics (Chair of Prof. Wrede).

More details, including references and the research questions covered in the respective literature, can be found at: Seminar Public Economics 1 Course Description SS 2023.

Question concerning the Public Economics 1 seminar in Summer Semester 2023 should be directed to: Sebastian Ach, M. Sc.