NRSE lecture by Prof. Marcos Nakaguma (University of Sao Paulo) on January 10

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You are invited to join the Nuremberg Research Seminar in Economics (NRSE) on January 10, 2024 from 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm. The seminar will be held at the FAU WiSo, Lange Gasse 20, in room LG 0.423. Professor Marcos Yamada Nakaguma (University of Sao Paulo) will be talking about „Electoral Campaign Attacks: Theory and Evidence”.

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This paper studies the determinants of electoral campaign attacks. We first propose a model to examine the main factors that influence candidates’ decisions to attack. Our theoretical analysis yields a number of predictions which we test using information from “right of reply” lawsuits filed in Brazil. Our empirical analysis exploits a regression discontinuity design based on virtual ties between 2nd and 3rd place candidates to show that candidates with an electoral advantage are more likely to receive an attack. We then exploit another discontinuity to show that the patterns of campaign attacks differ significantly under single and dual ballot plurality.

The Chair of Social Policy thanks the the WiSo alumni association, Alumni & Freunde WiSo Nürnberg e.V. for their support of this guest lecture as well as for their generous and on-going support of many other events and projects at the FAU WiSo. Visit the AFWN website for more information and to become a member.