Social Policy in an Interdependent World (SPIW)

Social Policy in an Interdependent World (SPIW)

Written Examination in Summer Semester 2022:

The written exam for „Social Policy in an Interdependent World“ will take place on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. at Lange Gasse 20 in Lecture Hall H5 (Team-Bank Hörsaal). The exam duration is 60 minutes.

Summer Semester 2022: relevant course information will be available on StudOn. Please register for the course via StudOn to directly receive emails from us and to access important course information. The StudOn password for the course in SoSe 2022 will be provided at the first lecture on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Bachelor, 5 ECTS

Type of Course: Lecture and Exercise

Offered: Annually in Summer Semester (beginning in 2022)

Contact person: Prof. Matthias Wrede and Elisa Poletto

Course Content: Stylized facts about Social Issues and Social Policy; Efficiency and Social Justice from a National and an International Perspective; Comparative Social Policy: Welfare Systems and Policies in Selected Fields; Social Policy and International Flows: Migration, Trade, Capital Flows; Social Policy and European Integration.

Lecture (SoSe 2022): Tuesdays 08:00-09:30, beginning April 26, 2022, Lange Gasse 20, Lecture Hall H2 (Hermann Gutmann-Hörsaal).

Exercise (SoSe 2022): Thursdays 15:00-16:30, beginning April 28, 2022, Findelgasse 7/9, Room FG 0.015 (ground floor). Further details about the exercises will be provided at the first lecture and via StudOn during the semester.

Syllabus and Literature: SPIW Syllabus 2022

Language: English

Recommended prerequisites: Microeconomics, Introduction to Econometrics.

Integration in curriculum: 4th Semester (summer term) Bachelor of International Business Studies and Bachelor of International Economic Studies. Compulsory for students of the Bachelor programs:

  • International Business Studies (IBS) and

  • International Economic Studies (IES)

Permitted aids during the exam: a silent, non-programmable calculator

Further information on the course can be found in the current Module Handbook. Please refer to UnivIS for the most up-to-date time and location information. The course documents and materials will be made available at StudOn.