Social Policy in an Interdependent World (SPIW)

Social Policy in an Interdependent World (SPIW)

Bachelor, 5 ECTS

Type of Course: Lecture and Exercise

Offered: Annually in Summer Semester (beginning in 2022)

Contact person: Prof. Matthias Wrede and Research Assistant(s)

Course Content: Stylized facts about Social Issues and Social Policy; Efficiency and Social Justice from a National and an International Perspective; Comparative Social Policy: Welfare Systems and Policies in Selected Fields; Social Policy and International Flows: Migration, Trade, Capital Flows; Social Policy and European Integration.

Lecture: Tuesdays 08:00-09:30, Lange Gasse 20, Lecture Hall H2 (Hermann Gutmann-Hörsaal), beginning in SS 2022

Exercise (tentative schedule): Thursdays 13:15-14:45 or 16:15-18:15, Findelgasse 7/9, Room FG 0.015 (beginning SS 2022)

Syllabus and Literature: will be provided at a future date

Language: English

Recommended prerequisites: Microeconomics, Introduction to Econometrics.

Integration in curriculum: 4th Semester (summer term) Bachelor of International Business Studies and Bachelor of International Economic Studies. Compulsory for students of the Bachelor programs:

  • International Business Studies (IBS) and

  • International Economic Studies (IES)

Permitted aids during the exam: a silent, non-programmable calculator

Further information on the course can be found in the current Module Handbook. Please refer to UnivIS for the most up-to-date time and location information. The course documents and materials will be made available at StudOn.